Reasons Why Businesses Need 360 Product Photography

According to Adobe’s “What Shoppers Want Study,” 91 percent of medium to heavy online shoppers say 360-degree photography is a must-have. 360 product photography is now considered by most as an essential viewing option for online shoppers.




Shopping has always been as much about the experience as it has about the end result. The internet has significantly decreased this experience. By presenting 360 product photography online, website visitors are now able to interact with the product using their mouse! Customers are able to click and drag these 360 product photos and view from any angle they chose. The visitor is now in control of what they want to see no longer what you allow them to see. 360 product photography will increase online shopping satisfaction.


Offering 360 product photography will give the visitor the feeling they are shopping with a real company with a real ‘hands on’ sense. This will give an increased level of customer trust that will ultimately produce a higher chance with the shopping basket checkout.




Returned merchandise can be expensive. Customers want to be confident they are purchasing the right product at the time of check out and 360 product images helps customers confidence in what they're buying allowing them to 'Get The Whole Picture'. By having 360 product photography online businesses are able to decrease product returns as customers have a better understanding of what they are buying.


Online surveys continue to produce evidence that 360 product photography increases conversion rates. One of our customers claims that after we supplied 360 product photography sales have increased their store conversions by 47%. Also a recent study from Internet Retailer Magazine shows that 360 product photography on eCommerce sites increased conversion rates by about 13% across the board.




Ultimately we all want increased sales so when you combine the above factors, it shows that 360 product photography will lead to increased sales and profits for your eCommerce business.