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How much does it cost?


Less than you think!

360 Click is the premier provider of cost effective 360° product photography & 3D product imagery.  We offer a more visually interactive online experience than standard photography. 

Pricing can be a complex matter as every job is different, every client has different needs or requirements.  Some items are more difficult to photograph than others.  Firstly we would need to ask a few questions.  Are they big?  Are they heavy?  Are they reflective?  Can they support themselves?  How many are there?  Once we know what the photo shoot will involve we will be able to give a fixed price for the project.  Call us on 020 7617 7465 to get the best prices in the market place.

When presented with a list of features that enhance the online shopping experience, a recent survey showed that 91% of participants chose '360 spin' as the most favoured feature.