Valour Watch Company

Valour watch company came to us with a brief to create a 360 image that looks as if the viewer is wearing the watch.  Our brief was to show the watch in a 360 view but adding a lifestyle image to the background.


The Iconic Bamboo Collection

The iconic Gucci gold bamboo spring bracelet.  This was part of a number of Gucci bamboo pieces we were asked to photograph.  For this piece our challenge was to photograph it in 360 but add an extra three dimensional feel.


Andy Warhol

Campbells soup app 360

Phillips Auctioneers approached us t0 photograph the world famous Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Box in order to show a 360 view on their iPad application. Our brief was to show this historic art work in a dynamic way using the traditional lighting techniques used by auction houses around the world. 


Mizuno Trainer product launch

We were contacted by an agency who represents Mizuno.  Our brief was to create a 360 product photograph of one of their latest trainer designs.  Rather than the standard view of the trainer we were asked if we could show the sole as well.  The final decision was to show the trainer in a natural running position.